Specialized Services For Medical Professionals

Specialized Services for Medical Professionals


Computer and Network Support for the Health Care Industry

Top Speed Computer Services has been servicing doctor's offices and medical facilities from the small doctor's practice to the large multi-location treatment facility since 2002. This gives us unparalleled insight into the needs and requirements of the medical industry. We have spent years working with doctors, and IT medical professionals in all types of medicine. From the individual office with a single doctor, to dentist offices, to large multi-location facilities with or without in-house technical support professionals.

Many individual or small offices are looking for reliable support that is not going to push them into a contract, but still see them as a valued customer when they only need to call for service a couple of times a year - that kind of need fits Top Speed perfectly. We understand you'd rather not be spending a monthly amount on technical service when that's not what your office needs, and we know we've done our job when you don't need to call us frequently.

Dentist offices have an absolute requirement for technology uptime and an IT company familiar with programs like Dentrix and Dexis - Top Speed has the knowledge and dedication you're looking for, previously having had a team of techs spend an entire night repairing a Dexis server so the office would be able to work the following day.

Large medical facilities with in house technical staff benefit from working with Top Speed for a number of reasons, first when you're in need of top level technical support or just another engineer to bounce a difficult problem off of we're there, and many of these facilities prefer to purchase their computer and server equipment from a local vendor - if that's you, Top Speed has you covered!

Large medical offices or facilities without in house technical support work with Top Speed with the assurance that we have a complete solution ready for their office's needs. From new hardware and software solutions, network and computer install or troubleshooting, to HIPPA and encryption requirements Top Speed has the expertise you need!

Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry has a plethora of regulations governing how patient data can be collected, stored, shared, and disseminated. With the industry movement towards Electronic Medical Records and an information technology intensive environment in most medical practices today, it is becoming more difficult to manage and plan for the future. Many times healthcare facilities are attempting to meet these challenges and make these changes with ineffective and out-of-date equipment and processes with no IT staff at all. Top Speed can help.

We have a team of dedicated IT professionals with knowledge of the issues facing most healthcare providers and can assist you with all of your network and data management issues. We have a comprehensive set of IT services, ready to meet your particular facilities needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Security Assessments
  • Secure Data Backups
  • Network and Computer Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Secure Email
  • Infrastructure Planning and Installation
  • Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Electronic Medical Records Planning and Implementation
  • Content Filtering
  • Security Planning and Management
  • GenuineCare Managed Services

Call or email today to schedule your free consultation - 775-852-4333 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll listen to your concerns, evaluate your network and current technology environment and provide you with a selection of services that can help you focus your resources on patient care without having to worry about your technology.

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Last modification: Fri 11 Sep 2015

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