GenuineCare Managed IT Services

GenuineCare Managed IT Services


What are Managed IT Services?

Have you stopped to consider how much down time and loss of productive employee hours you lose each month due to technology issues? How much time is lost when an employee runs software updates during the work day? Or how much time is wasted on a slow workstation that has a virus or malware on it? Top Speed has, and what we've found is that most employers don't realize the amount of productive time being lost in a day, let alone multiplied out across weeks and months. Managed Services is the answer for much of that lost productivity; a way to recapture that lost time and revenue.

Top Speed's GenuineCare managed IT services incorporates escalating issues into different service levels. Many of the services included are usually handled during the work day, but can actually be handled outside of the work day saving your employees productive time and saving you money. GenuineCare starts with monitoring your systems for potential problems such as hard drive errors and warnings on systems with expired anti-virus software. From there GenuineCare service levels move up to a full service contract for companies who are looking for a predictable monthly technology service expenditure.

Our multiple levels of GenuineCare Managed Services let you control your budget. Every business is different, and has different needs, we make sure to cater to those needs by providing only the services you really need.

  • GenuineCare Prepaid - Not truly a managed service, but allows for companies to control budgetary expenditures. Discounted blocks of time that can be used for one-time projects, IT Department temp work, or just use hours over time. Blocks of hours start at 10 hours and go up from there. The more hours you purchase the larger the discount.
  • GenuineCare Basic - Monitoring of systems, devices, and services. Once an issue is located an automatic work order is created for issues found during monitoring and Top Speed staff will be touch with you to determine what steps need to be taken to correct it. This option is ideal for those interested in the benefits of managed services, but not ready to jump in fully. This is also an excellent option for those with in-house IT, who would like to add network monitoring and the ability to receive information as soon as an issue is detected. In the case of in-house IT a message is generated and sent to the specified employees notifying them whenever an issue is detected; no more waiting on employees to say there might be something wrong with his/her computer. Now as soon as there's a concern your IT staff will be notified right away!
  • GenuineCare Plus - Includes everything in GenuineCare Basic plus management of updates and patches which allows these to all be run during off business hours and not wasting your employees valuable time. Regular virus and malware scans are also run during off business hours on a regular basis to make sure all computers remain uninfected and when a virus or malware is detected Top Speed is notified and the removal of any viruses or malware found is included in GenuineCare Plus. Backup monitoring and test restores are done regularly. Any and all needed In-Shop work is also included in GenuineCare Plus.
  • GenuineCare Complete - All your IT management is handled in a flat monthly fee. Everything in GenuineCare Plus plus all work performed remotely or onsite on included equipment, network management and application management as desired. Only new or replacement equipment or software will change your monthly fee. This is the ideal option for companies looking to have a predictable monthly IT service bill with all services handled for one fixed price.

Priority Response

As an added feature, all of our GenuineCare clients qualify for our priority response system. Just by being a GenuineCare client you get moved to the front of the line!

Each GenuineCare customer is also eligible for discounts with our Internet division. This additional benefit makes us your complete IT solution provider allowing you to have a single point of contact for all your computer, network, Internet, and phone service needs.

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Last modification: Thu 29 Jun 2017

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