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Laptop and Computer Repair Services

For those in the local Reno, Sparks, Carson City and North Lake Tahoe area our in-shop laptop and computer repair service may be just what you're looking for. We strive to be the best laptop and computer repair store in Northern Nevada. Diagnostics are always free and we'll never sell you useless add-ons or "optimization" like some other stores do. You can trust that you'll be provided the top level of service and all the information you need to make a decision on the repair of your laptop or computer.

In-Shop Laptop or Computer Diagnostics

If you're not sure what's going on with computer or laptop, or aren't sure if your laptop or computer is worth repairing / upgrading, bring it to our shop for low cost diagnostics. We'll make repair, upgrade or replacement recommendations. If you choose to move forward with the repair or upgrade the diagnostics fee will be applied towards the repair labor. 

In-Shop Laptop Repair

Looking for local laptop repair services? Top Speed Computer Services is your place. If your laptop is out of warranty, but needs to be serviced, call us today. Whether it's a cracked screen, broken key on the keyboard, virus removal or other laptop repair we're here to help. If you're looking for pricing on a specific part (screen, keyboard, memory upgrade, battery, replacement power brick, etc) either email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., use our contact form, or call us at 775-852-4333. We'll need the brand, model number and part you are looking to provide a pricing estimate.

All in-shop repairs are $99 /hour plus parts when applicable.

In-Shop PC Repair

Top Speed Computer Services offers in-shop computer repair services. Whether you are looking for a general clean up, virus / spyware / malware removal, fan replacement, a hard drive is failing, data transfer, memory upgrade, OS upgrade, SSD upgrade, or any other repair we can help. Give us a call to schedule your PC drop off, or get pricing on replacement or upgrade parts.

All in-shop repairs are $99 /hour plus parts when applicable. Any questions call us at 775-852-4333.

In-shop Laptop or PC Upgrade to Windows 10 or 11

Running Windows 7 and looking to upgrade to Windows 10 to extend the life of your laptop or PC, we can take care of that upgrade for you. Or are you wondering if you should do the update to Windows 11 or what it would take for your computer to meet the requirements to go to Windows 11? Call us today to discuss your options.


At Home Computer Troubleshooting Check List

  1. Is the monitor turned on? This sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised how often the monitor being turned off is the culprit. You've jiggled the mouse, tapped a few keys on the keyboard, but still see nothing on your monitor and you start to panic. But before you do, make sure the monitor hasn't just been turned off by someone who has over-zealously decided today is the day to save energy!
  2. Is the computer plugged in and the power strip turned on? Not remarkably different from the monitor being turned off. There are no shortage of calls we've headed out on that the fix was as simple as hitting the power switch on the power strip, surge protector or UPS.
  3. Unplug or replug? So it seems the network, modem, mouse or keyboard are on the frizt...until the cables have been eliminated it is always a cable problem. Turn the computer or laptop and monitor off, unplug all the cables and replug them back in, checking to make sure you've got them securely into their receptor. Now turn everything back on - you'd be surprised how often this resolves the issue.
  4. Is there ink or toner in the printer? Just when you think you have a major printer issue, make sure it's not just that you're in need of supplies.
  5. Where is your computer trying to boot from? A disk, CD, DVD, or thumb drive in one of your drives can cause all kinds of strange errors when trying to boot. So if you're having issues booting make sure your drives are empty and try again.
  6. When in doubt - Reboot! You have, of course, rebooted your computer several times through your troubleshooting process...  You haven't?!? People often leave a frozen computer hoping it will fix itself and start working again - every once in a while that works, but if you've waited 10 minutes with no change it's time to consider doing a power down and reboot.


Best Practices For Avoiding Spyware, Malware and Viruses

  1. Never download any free software from companies you don't know and have some trust in - especially screensavers and emoticons. Prior to ransomware hitting with a vengeance, the worst infections we've seen have come from free downloaded screensavers - typically holiday themed.
  2. Never open any email attachment unless you know and trust the sender - and even then if the text or title to the email seem odd, go with your gut and check with the sender to make sure it's genuinely from them before you open it.
  3. Never open any .Zip attachments from emails unless you are expecting to receive a zip. .Zip attachments harbor all sorts of infections that you definitely don't want your computer or your company's network to get hit with. If you're unsure if it's legitimate, call the sender to verify before opening it.
  4. A good anti-virus program running up-to-date at all times will help, but remember those who send viruses and malware are always working to find ways around those programs.  In the words of Harry's Potters Alastor Moody the  best advise we can give you is "Constant Vigilence!"

If you're looking for a good anti-virus program to install on your computer we recommend Malwarebytes.

Complements From Some of Our In-Shop Repair Customers

  • "You guys are amazing! Technical geniuses that fix my computer problems lightning fast for a very reasonable price. I know I can count on you for top quality service!"
  • "This company KNOWS their PC Stuff! Helpful and affordable!"
  • "Took my laptop in Because it was very slow and not working very well. The great professional staff at TopSpeed fixed my laptop and it ran as good as the day I bought it. I highly recommend TopSpeed to anyone with a computer"
  • "Friendly, informative, quick, and reasonably priced. After I could no longer troubleshoot on my own, I brought my PC in and they had me all fixed up in no time. I do recommend and I will be a repeat customer for sure."
  • "Great communication. Fast Service."
  • "Friendly, competent service.  I needed a new keyboard for my laptop.  I dropped it off, they ordered the part (did not ask for a deposit), allowed me to pick-it up to use it while waiting for the part to arrive.  Received a phone call as promise, dropped it off and it was ready the same day.  The estimate was on target - very happy with Top Speed.  Thank you!"
  • "You guys are great can't wait to refer my friends."
  • "Very friendly and kept in touch with what they were doing and when things would be done. Very pleased."
  • "I have had HUGE success with Top Speed!"
  • "The first time I went was because I found them by searching Google...My computer was running very slowly and , since I am not computer savvy, I didn't know how how to remedy that. I took it in and 2 1/2 hours later they called me to come and pick it up. They are extremely professional and very personable. Three times since then I have been hit with a virus, the first time they had it ready for me in an hour and told me how i could take care of something like that if it happened again..when it DID happen again I WAS able to take care of it ...the third time it was even more aggressive and so I took it back to Top Speed . I am of an age where I am considered an "easy mark" for hackers and scammers and I am SO thankful that I can turn to this company for help. They charges for the services I received were reasonable and I recommend them to all of my friends."
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Last modification: Fri 26 Jan 2024

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