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Top Speed has been working closely with Architects for the last 9 years. Always striving to improve the engineering of computer hardware and systems to provide for the optimal environment for rendering large architectural drawings. Top Speed has spent years working with CAD software and software vendors, most recently with a multi-location deployment of Autodesk Revit software. Architects working with Top Speed know that they have experienced technicians always available to handle any call.


RenderIt Workstations & Servers

Top Speed also has our own branded line of workstations and servers, manufactured specifically for the Architectural and Engineering fields. Call or email us anytime for a custom quote specifically to meet the needs of your Architectural or Engineering firm.

In a recent comparison done for a client, comparing all the benefits of a Top Speed RenderIt workstation over a similar Dell workstation. Noted differences between our RenderIt computer and what the Dell offers are ours has a 900W power supply, 12x Blu-Ray Writer and a 2x Integrated 10/100/1000 NICS, compared to the Dell 635W power supply, 6x Blu-Ray Writer and single Integrated 10/100/1000 NIC. All of this is done to give you a superior computer for rendering in CAD, Revit, or similar programs. Not only does our RenderIt offer supperior performance the cost for our RenderIt computer came in at $4799.95 and the Dell came in at $6,811, even after applying Dell's "Instant Savings" their computer still came in with a price of $5,329, $529 more than our RenderIt.

Don't forget another feature of buying from a local company is a local warranty, no calling 800's to a foreign country for support!

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