RadDx Radiology Workstations

RadDx Radiology Workstations


RadDx Workstations - What Top Speed was working to accompish.

Top Speed was presented a challenge by a local Radiology Group to manufacture a computer that would improve their imaging services and complement the new high definitions monitors they were acquiring. Additionally fully utilizing and improving the functionality of the new PACS CareStream software was also a goal./p>

This particular Radiology Group provides numerous diagnostic services to the Northern Nevada area; MRI, PET/CT, Digital Mammography and Women's Services, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray & Digital Flouo, Dexa: Osteo Bone Density Testing and Body Fat Analysis / Health Check. They've taken great care in being the frist to bring new imaging technologies to the region.

We had quite the task in front of us to bring them the radiology imaging computer they were looking for.


Building the RadDx Workstation

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel Top Speed first performed detailed research into the current technology being imployed by radiology departments, both in private practice and in hospital settings. Our main concern was locating where improvements could be made to lessen the amount of time taken, and thereby wasted, as radiologsts waiting for images to render and be viewable and therefore ready for diagnosis by the radiologist. Once we had a good feel for the existing technologies our engineers tackeled the issue of making sure the hardware was up to handling the advancements int he PACS software system that was to be installed. A frequent issue noted was that no exisiting systems seemed to be able to use the PACS system to it's full capacity.

The RadDx computer system build took into account the need for accelerated performance when needed and the need to be efficient at all other times. High speed server grade memory was used for reliability, no hospital or Radiology Group has time for anything less. Absolutely no spinning hard drives to avoid the risk of mechanical failure on a critical piece of hardware; instead we used Maximum IOPs SSD drives for both speed and efficiency when rendering images. Once our basic configuration was set, we added all the specific requirements needed by our local Radiology Group. Details on the basic RadDx computer configuration are available below.

The final step was implementing the RadDx computer in the Radiology Group's new configuration, upgraded monitor viewing for optimal diagnosis from the Radiologists and assisting with any hardware issues during the implementation of the new CareStream PACS system. Initial hardware installation went without issue; the setup being used within this group had changed the standard monitor viewing to a new view far more friendly to the eyes of the diagnostic Radiologists. The CareStream PACS system implentation ran into a challenge when the software load balancer did not do what was necessary. As a result Top Speed recommended going with a Kemp hardware Load Balancer. This was an option not fully tested with CareStream, but at the insistance of the Radiology Group based on our recommendation this solution was tried with excellent results.

Prior to leaving one of the CareStream implementation engineers informed us that "We've never seen our software run so fast." Our RadDx Workstation could hardly have received a better complement or higher praise that our research and hardware configuration had come together so successfully.

Below you will find the standard features of our RadDx Radiology Computer as well as the basic configuration price. As noted above configuration changes are readily available for any Radiology Group's setting and needs, just contact us with details of what you're looking for and an individual configuration will be provided to meet your needs.


Features of the Top Speed RadDx Workstation

  • Build with Intel® Xeon® E5 processors to accelerate performance when needed and improve efficiency when you don't.
  • Minimum of 24Gb high speed server grade memory for reliability.
  • No spinning hard drives, build with Maximun IOPs Solid State Drives for speed and efficiency.
  • NVIDIA workstation video cards for optimal rendering and viewing configuration.
  • Custom configurations and warranties available.
  • Workstation configurations starting at $4,995

A Carestream implementation engineer working on a Top Speed RadDx Workstation stated, "We've never seen our software run so fast."



Top Speed's RadDx radiology computers have been designed in conjunction with a local Radiology Group taking all the concerns of today's radiology department into account. From not only a time perspective for rendering images, but also taking into account the bottom line - increasing productivity for your radiologists, increases patient and referring physician satisfaction, all of which has the potential to incrase your practice's bottom line.

Imagine the possibilities when rendering an image, which used to take minutes, now only taking seconds to complete!


RadDx Case Study

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Last modification: Fri 11 Sep 2015

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