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Are you fed up with your business technology problems?

Computers Malfunction.  Laptops Are Dropped.  Networks Lag.  Tech Updates Daily.

We are your technology experts helping Northern Nevada navigate through it's hardware, software and networking problems, remotely and on-site. Whether you come by our South Meadows location, or have us come to your business, technology shouldn't be a hassle.

Leave the frustration to us!

No matter the problem, we have a solution.

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Frustrated by your business technology's performance?
GenuineCare managed services is here to help!

Computer Security

Network Monitoring
If your company experiences a sudden spike in off hour Internet use would you have the systems in place to to be alerted? Would you know what to do if you saw a spike of that nature? It's not something to just dismiss!
Cyber Security
Do you know who to turn to when E-Discovery issues happen? What to do when an employee tries to destroy or wipe a hard drive? Or what to do when you believe a competitor suddenly has your proprietary data?
Smartphones & Security
Has your company considered the ramifications of Smartphones and personal laptops attaching to your network? Do you allow employees to receive and store confidential company information on their personal devices?
When was the last time you reviewed your company Bring Your Own Device Policy? How about your technology Acceptable Use Policy? You don't have one? It's time to get those put in place!
In-Shop Diagnostics49.50$
  • Fee applied towards
  • computer repair or upgrade.
  • Stop waiting, schedule.
Remote / In-Shop99$
  • Drop your computer off
  • or schedule us to connect
  • remotely to take care of problems.
Onsite Business Service129$
  • We come to you
  • to fix your computer,
  • network, or set up new equipment.


High performance hardware
for your office

Architects & Engineers

Is your business an engineering or architectural firm looking for a technology company with the know how to deal with rendering farms and multi-location offices, look no farther that Top Speed.

Business Services

We are business specialists, servicing both large and small businesses. We also support in-house IT teams, who need the occasional helping hand.

Medical Professionals

Do you own a medical office or facility and are looking for a technical service provider that understands the unique requirements of HIPAA and EMR, as well as every day computer and server support. Look no further than Top Speed who has been working with Medical Professionals for over 10 years!

Attorneys & Law Firms

Everything from network and computer support, including extensive knowledge of Time Slips and Juris, to computer forensic services are available to attorneys through Top Speed.

Lynnette Bellin Testimonial

I wish I could give Top Speed a 10 star review. Here is the story: I was working on my 13 month old Lenovo one day when it just - poof! - stopped working. As someone who runs her business through my computer, this news was devastating. I found Top Speed through Yelp, and emailed them out of pure desperation. They immediately wrote back and asked me to bring it in. I received daily phone calls with updates from Top Speed on the status of the part, and when it came in, they immediately got my computer back up and running. I swear I wanted to kiss them I was so happy. I've learned my lesson. Next time I have a computer problem, I'm going straight to Top Speed.

Lynnette Bellin
Chirotouch Testimonial

The Top Speed team has great interpersonal skills and an excellent grasp of technical issues.  This combination of both technical and communications skills is hard to find. Top Speed is a great option if you are looking for high quality support for your office.

David Johnson
Tony Chinnici Testimonial

Fantastic level of knowledge, and things get completely fixed. Too many times in the past we've had to deal with paying someone to get something half-right, then paying them again for that other half. Ridiculous! We're trying to run a business! Top Speed has been our go-to company for a few years now, and we've really appreciated the alacrity, affordability, and fairness. Go. To. These. People.

Tony Chinnici
Ron Milbank Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with Top Speed for the past 14+ years. This includes IT support, as well as extensive hardware and software purchases. Their expertise, availability, and personalized service has benefited our company and has directly contributed to years of in house reliability. I strongly recommend Top Speed to any business who wants to work with a vendor who really cares about their client's goals and provides outstanding service.

Ronald Milbank

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