New Business Location? What You Need to Know!

It's simultaneously very exciting and stressful to be leasing or purchasing a new business.  So many items to check of the list once the paperwork is signed.  Do you have all the office furniture you'll need?  Computers and printers?  Get the Internet service ordered, the power and water in your name if necessary.  Decide on what kind of phone service you want and get that ordered; get your existing phone number ported.  Which alarm company should you go with?  But here's the one item almost no remembers to check - once your desks are in place and the computers are setup is the existing network going to be ready for your office to up and running?  Are there a network connections in the locations you’ve put the desks?  Or in the hallway by the shared printer?  No!!! 

But wait, the lessor said it would be ready to setup an office?  

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Why Every Business Owner’s New Year’s Resolution Should Be to Fire Themselves from Their Technology Department

Business owners love planning, creating, promoting and selling their business, and most dread dealing with technology – so then why do so many insist on trying to manage it?

The answer for many is simple, it’s a nuisance that is an absolute requirement for their business’s functionality, any down time hurts the bottom line, but it can be so hard to find a company you trust to take care of your technology for you.

How many have experienced hiring a new IT company only to have them come in and start putting their stickers on everything? Or more concerning to the bottom line, come in and tell them it’s all old, out of date and needs to be replaced? Have you become accustomed to wait times for service of a day or longer, making it easier to just try and fix it yourself? Or worse a persistent problem, like a virus on a computer that no matter how many times your IT company comes out they just can’t seem to get it removed?

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Bloatware – A Great Reason To Buy From Top Speed

Bloatware also known as Junkware, Shovelware or Crapware is the junk that the major computer manufacturers add to your new computer making it horribly bogged down.  From Daily Mail, Bloatware can "account for up to 45% of pre-installed software on a new device."  That's a lot of software you don't need and likely don't want coming pre-installed on your new computer.

It may seem helpful that Norton or McAfee comes pre-installed on your new computer; it's good enough right?  Since you definitely need an anti-virus program running on your computer, why not this one?  The  reality is that Norton or McAfee came pre-installed because the company paid the manufacturer to have their software pre-installed and now that you have that trial version you're likely going to pay them for the full version and then renew year after year now that it's there.  Is Norton or McAfee really the best anti-virus program out there? Definitely not, but that's a different discussion, the point here is by paying to be pre-installed your now a captive audience who likely doesn't look any farther in the purchase of your anti-virus software.

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