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At Top Speed Computer Services we pride ourselves in providing computer service and hardware that is on time, every time, and always brings exceptional results to our clients.

Since 2001 Top Speed has provided computer hardware, software, business networking, GenuineCare managed services, security and Internet service to clients first in Northern Nevada then around the country.

We realize that when you have a problem with your computers, servers, or other hardware / software you need it fixed right and right now. At TSCS we recognize that your computer hardware and software is mission critical. We also provide TSCS GenuineCare managed services to catch problems before your company suffers a major outage.

To learn more about the exceptional service we offer please take a look at our Customer Testimonials page. Let us do for you what we are doing for all of these satisfied customers.

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Top Speed Computer Services is a division of Top Speed, LLC.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be a professional, well educated resource for all of our clients IT needs. Our goal is to take our clients vision, needs and budget and it put it all together to provide our clients a complete IT solution.

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Last modification: Thu 7 Jul 2022
  1. Chris Kissinger
  2. Marie Kissinger
  3. Sean Roach
Sr. Network Technician & Managing Partner
Chris has worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years. Starting his career on the Internet side during the 90s and moving into computer integration, networking and custom computer builds from there.

Chris works hard to keep up with the ever changing technology and being able to provide his clients with solutions for any environment. As he says, Not everyone has the budget or the need to have the latest and greatest technology, so I've developed an aptitude for troubleshooting and problem solving to quickly and effectively provide results that fall in line with the customers long term goals instead of just selling them something new. Creating a real partnership is what Top Speed is about.

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Controller, Marketing & Managing Partner
Marie's background is primarily in bookkeeping for small technology companies, who have been involved in services from web design, eCommerce, Internet services and computer networking services.

Marie also does the sales and marketing for Top Speed as well as the occasional web development for clients.

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Network Technician
Sean has worked in the technology industry for nearly 10 years in both Nevada and Hawaii. Sean works not only on Windows networks, but also Apple computers and networks adding a great additional service to Top Speed.
Lynnette Bellin Testimonial

I wish I could give Top Speed a 10 star review. Here is the story: I was working on my 13 month old Lenovo one day when it just - poof! - stopped working. As someone who runs her business through my computer, this news was devastating. I found Top Speed through Yelp, and emailed them out of pure desperation. They immediately wrote back and asked me to bring it in. I received daily phone calls with updates from Top Speed on the status of the part, and when it came in, they immediately got my computer back up and running. I swear I wanted to kiss them I was so happy. I've learned my lesson. Next time I have a computer problem, I'm going straight to Top Speed.

Lynnette Bellin
Chirotouch Testimonial

The Top Speed team has great interpersonal skills and an excellent grasp of technical issues.  This combination of both technical and communications skills is hard to find. Top Speed is a great option if you are looking for high quality support for your office.

David Johnson
Tony Chinnici Testimonial

Fantastic level of knowledge, and things get completely fixed. Too many times in the past we've had to deal with paying someone to get something half-right, then paying them again for that other half. Ridiculous! We're trying to run a business! Top Speed has been our go-to company for a few years now, and we've really appreciated the alacrity, affordability, and fairness. Go. To. These. People.

Tony Chinnici
Ron Milbank Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with Top Speed for the past 14+ years. This includes IT support, as well as extensive hardware and software purchases. Their expertise, availability, and personalized service has benefited our company and has directly contributed to years of in house reliability. I strongly recommend Top Speed to any business who wants to work with a vendor who really cares about their client's goals and provides outstanding service.

Ronald Milbank
800 South Meadows Parkway, Suite 600
Reno, NV 89521

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